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Finishing up the Barn + More

For those of you who are not sure what we have left on the barn, we have plumbing installation, bathroom partitions, barn door glider brushes to enclose the barn more, barn door latches to hold the doors open and down from strong wings, the bar build cabinets, grooms room furniture and the last of the crystals hung on the chandelier. The plumbing fixtures are waiting on the backing behind and around toilets and sinks to prevent the wood from getting wet. THEN, the barn should be 100% complete.

The bridal suite is in the house and is NEXT. This room will be worth waiting for!! Plans for the bridal suite is repainting the bridal room (we may stencil the walls with a historically represented pattern), assembling the antique wooden marble top vanities, buying vanity chairs, hanging curtains, and then placing the antique settees and chairs. The house alone is so photogenic that the room will just be WOW. It will just set the backdrop for amazing images.

Parking, Parking, Parking.....yes we are adding more.

The carport will be moved to more of a hidden location. It has been fantastic for housing our fleet of mowers and building materials...BUT it has to go!

Lastly, the addition to the front porch on the house will be completed. I am just dying to have a ladies tea on it with my friends, but more importantly, it will give the brides a place to take family photos or be another backdrop for a ceremony.

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