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The Barn & Farm

The Rotherwood Barn isn't your typical tobacco, horse, or modern-day metal barn instead it's a timber frame barn designed to keep as true as possible to the Victorian Era and heritage of the Rotherwood House.

This barn was meticulously constructed using mortise and tenon joints, wooden pegs, and sturdy wood beams. When you walk into the barn your eyes will be drawn upwards to the impressive 30 foot high ceilings! It is spacious enough to accommodate up to 230 guests.

The Rotherwood Barn showcases many old world style features including: cast iron door handles, antique style lighting, old style oscillating fans, original old growth barn wood, and more.

We think of the barn as a new "old world" barn with the modern amenities a of bathrooms, a prep kitchen, and a climate-controlled room for groom's use.

During the day the barn feels open and airy. As the day progresses to night, the sun casts it's golden hues through the windows onto the floor. After night falls, the glow of Edison bulbs and chandelier crystals sparkle. The Rotherwood Barn's romantic ambiance will ensure a night to remember.

We are so excited for the barn to be completed. We know it will be an amazing place for your memorable occasion.​

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